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  The Golden Age of Radio
     It Happened This Week!
.  .  .

Remember listening to your favorite
dee-jays from New York's radio stations like
WABC (The All Americans), WMCA (The
Good Guys).  How about Murray the "K" on
WINS?   Well they are all here: sound clips of
actual on-air recordings from the days when
radio was
the king of media. Listen to
broadcasts from the 1960 and beyond
featuring popular dee jays like Joe O'Brien
(The Morning Mayor), Dandy Dan Daniels, B.
Mitchell Reed and many more.  Click on the
"Good Guy" below and enjoy the golden age
of radio .
   This Week in Pop Music History

Click on the turntable (remember this device?)
below to find out what
. Your favorite songs,
your favorite artists .

Find out how it all began .  
Photo by Lana Rowe
Ahh - Nothing Like A Nice Cold Beer!

Well, maybe for Vintage Rock fans.  Last year, for
the first time, beer was not America's leading
alcoholic beverage. Americans are reaching more
for a cocktail or a glass of wine. Drinkers chose
beer just 49.7% of the time last year, compared to
60.8% in the mid-90's, according to the Beer

Blame it on the younger drinkers whose
relationship with beer is fleeting at best.  They may
start off enjoying craft beers, but later in life they
move on wine or the harder stuff. Young drinkers
are turned off by the heaviness and "empty
calories" associated with beer.   While women's
per capita consumption has risen, they prefer wine
and cocktails.  

Beer is even intertwined in America's history.  Pubs
serving beer were common place in the colonies
going back to the 1600's.  The first large beer
brewer was established by the Dutch West India
Company way back in 1632!

Vintage rock fans, it's up to you.  The fate of our
beloved beer is in your hands - or should we say
in your  glass.