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Former Golden Crest Records recording artists, the Precisions were one of the classic New York vocal groups when rock was
g.  Check out the "Precision's Story" and listen to the group's rare original recordings on the fabled Golden Crest Records label. Listen
to sound clips from the Precisions today as you browse each page.   Find out about the Precision's live appearances, and meet each of the

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The Golden Age of Radio

Remember listening to your favorite dee-jays
from New York's radio stations like WABC (The All
Americans), WMCA (The Good Guys).  How about
Murray the "K" on WINS?   Well they are all here:
sound clips of actual on-air recordings from the
days when radio was
the king of media. Listen to
broadcasts from the 1960 and beyond featuring
popular dee jays like Joe O'Brien (The Morning
Mayor), Dandy Dan Daniels, B. Mitchell Reed and
many more.  Click on the "Good Guy" below and
enjoy the golden age of radio
This Month in THE BUZZ . . .

* The Man Who Made the Beatles

Music That's Good For Your Health?

A Little Dose of Nostalgia - It's Just What the Doctor Ordered

Fans often remark about the pleasant memories and nostalgia the Precisions evoke with their special brand of vintage rock music.  
But, did you know that nostalgia, like listening to music from your past, is good you?

Nostalgia can ward off loneliness and anxiety.  Though often triggered by isolation and life changes, it offers relief by bringing to mind
"cherished experiences that assure us we are valued people who have meaningful lives," says psychologist Clay Routledge of North
Dakota State University.  Such reminiscences are remarkably similar across cultures, centering on being with friends  at weddings,
holidays or other special moments.  The ability to call up a fond memory to maintain physiological comfort may even be an
evolutionary adaption.

The Precisions above from the left front:  Al Frazia, Bob Falco, and Frankie Carr.  In the rear from the left: Joe Cordani, and Robbie

Picture: Shirley M
The Precisions
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This Week in Pop Music History

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. Your favorite songs, your
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Music Can Enhance Feelings of Attraction

Music just might be the food of love, a study found.  Feelings of interest and
attraction among single men and women increased significantly if music was
playing in the background at their first meeting compared with no music, according
to a report in a recent issue of Psychology of Music.

Impressions of other character traits, such as openness and friendliness, also got
higher ratings with background music.

First conversations are important and often indicate if a couple has a future  
relationship, the study said. Music affects neurochemical systems in the brain that
may enhance the interpersonal impressions formed during those conversations, it

Excerpted - The Wall Street Journal