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    When Radio Was King
      It Happened This Week
.  .  .

Remember listening to your favorite dee-jays from
New York's radio stations like WABC (The All
Americans), WMCA (The Good Guys).  How about
Murray the "K" on WINS?   Well they are all here:
sound clips of actual on-air recordings from the
days when radio was
the king of media.

Listen to broadcasts from the 1960 and beyond
featuring popular dee jays like Joe O'Brien (The
Morning Mayor), Dandy Dan Daniels, B. Mitchell
Reed and many more.  Click on the "Good Guy"
below and enjoy the golden age of radio .
      This Week in Pop Music History

Click on the turntable (remember this device?) below
to find out what
. Your favorite songs, your favorite
artists .

"I Can Hear Music/Sweet Sweet Music."   That's what
the Beach Boys called it on one of their hit songs long
ago.  Ever wonder why we love music so?  Ever
wonder how music began, and evolved to become
such an important part of our lives today.

Click on the cavemen below for an in-depth story how
the sound of music began.  

Thanks to the Precision's friend, Felicity Bell of Evergreen
for this content.
Music as medicine?  Yes, it's true.  

Listening to music offers tremendous
physical and mental health benefits from
reduced heart rate and blood pressure to
enhanced mood, and much more.  Learn
about the ten ways music improves your
health by clicking on the rocking gal below to
learn about the benefits of music.

Thanks to Precision's friend Lauren Carter from
Honestly Audio for this content.