The Best In Live "Vintage" Rock Music

Former Golden Crest Records recording artists, the Precisions were one of the classic New
York artists when rock was young
.  Check out the "Precision's Story" and listen to the group's rare
original recordings on the fabled Golden Crest Records label. Listen to sound clips from the Precisions today as
you browse each page.   Find out about the Precision's live appearances, and meet each of the Precisions.

For a quick look at this month's live appearances see below.  Click on "THE BUZZ" for popular features like
"Anatomy of a Song" and other entertaining and informative stories about the music we love.
the music we love.  

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 The Golden Age of Radio
This Month in THE BUZZ . . .

*  The Impact of George Martin
The Precisions
   It Happened This Week!
.  .  .

What's Happening in July .  .  .
Remember listening to your favorite
dee-jays from New York's radio stations like
WABC (The All Americans), WMCA (The
Good Guys).  How about Murray the "K" on
WINS?   Well they are all here: sound clips of
actual on-air recordings from the days when
radio was
the king of media. Listen to
broadcasts from the 1960 and beyond
featuring popular dee jays like Joe O'Brien
(The Morning Mayor), Dandy Dan Daniels, B.
Mitchell Reed and many more.  Click on the
"Good Guy" below and enjoy the golden age
of radio .
 This Week in Pop Music History

Click on the turntable (remember this device?)
below to find out what
. Your favorite songs,
your favorite artists .

Find out how it all began .  

Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. .  . Come out and
enjoy all that summer has to offer - including the best in live
vintage rock with Long Island's own - the Precisions!

Thursday, July 14th, 7:00 pm
Connectquot Public Library - Summer Concerts
760 Ocean Ave, Bohemia, NY
Info:  631-567-5070

More Information:
Connectquot Public Library