The Precisions were signed by Golden Crest Records in 1961 where they joined an eclectic
roster of artists that included the Fabulous Wailers, the Kack-Ties, Wendy & the Schoolgirls,
Stephanie & the Gothics, Augie Rios & the Notations, Gino & the Dells, the Montells, the
Delights, the Chessmen and the Suburbans.  The original Precisions included Robert
Brooks, Alfred Boulding, Jr., David Butler, Michael Cancillo and Michael Pellegrino.  While
under contract with Golden Crest Records in the 1960's, the Precisions performed on tour
with many top artists of the era.  They appeared  with radio celebrities, Alan Freed, Murray the
"k", the WMCA "Good Guys", and the WABC "All Americans" on-stage at the Brooklyn
Paramount, the New York Paramount, and the legendary Apollo Theater.

Golden Crest Records   .  .  . A Closer Look

Take a revealing look into the  independent music scene  with noted award -winning author
and music historian, John Broven.  Broven's  web site gives an entertaining look at the
influence of independent record labels on popular music and a special segment about the
history and artists of Golden Crest Records.    You can also find out how to order John
Broven's  new book: "Record Makers and Breakers."  
Like other popular vocal groups from the 1950's and 1960's such as Little Anthony & the Imperials, the Mystics, the Passions and the Tokens to name a few, the
Precisions went from performing as young urban balladeers from the colorful street corners of Brooklyn to a contract with a major record label.  In 1962, the
Precisions hit the national record charts with their haunting arrangement of the George and Ira Gershwin composition,
Someone To Watch Over Me (Golden Crest
Records.)  This record was backed with,
Cleopatra (Golden Crest Records,) a catchy novelty song about the exotic "Queen of the Nile".  The song was inspired by the
popular 1963 motion picture starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

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The Golden Crest Records Years*

This story begins in the late 1950's at the fabled studios of Golden Crest/Shelley  Records
in Huntington, Long Island, NY - then a bucolic bedroom community some 40 miles east
of Manhattan.  Golden Crest/Shelley Records were two progressive independent record
labels formed by businessman, inventor and visionary, Clark Galehouse.  While founded
as a label for classical music aficionados, Golden Crest /Shelley Records (Shelley
Records named after Clark Galehouse's daughter) became an incubator for young talent,
and resonated with a new and exciting sound that was emerging from the streets of New
York City.  This sound, later became known as "Doo Wop", a completely home grown
musical genre.
The Precisions Today

After being re-formed in July 1993 with original member, Michael Pellegrino, the Precisions today includes  Rob Falco, Al Frazia, John Garbedian, Harold Miller,
and Catherine Santaniello.

As their name implies,  the Precisions are set apart by their captivating vocal arrangements,  and skilled musicianship.   They deliver exciting live music  without
the karaoke-like, pre-recorded backing tracks used by many  performers  today.    The Precisions are renowned for their high powered, wide ranging repertoire,
where along with performing their original hits, music lovers are treated  to the best in rock music spanning three decades - from Doo Wop to Rock-a-Billy,and
more.  A favorite among audiences is the Precisions'  spotlight  on rock's  legendary record producers and song writers  For example, the Precisions present a
memorable musical retrospective on (Jerry)  Leiber and (Mike) Stoller, Carole King, and Doc Pomus  and other great songwriters who, working out of the historic

Brill Building
in Manhattan wrote and produced many timeless songs recorded by the Drifters and the Coasters.   The music of Leiber and Stoller was featured in
the acclaimed Broadway musical hit,
Smokey Joe's Café.  Fans also enjoy the Precision's treatment of the captivating sound of "Hitsville USA" - Motown Records
founded by producer, song writer, Berry Gordy, Jr. With songs by the Temptations, Smokey Robinson & the Miracles, and the Four Tops.
The Precisions
Someone To Watch Over Me
Golden Crest Records - 1962
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At right the Precisions in a guest appearance on
Sirius Satellite Radio -
The Wise Guy Show,  share
some laughs with host,  Vincent Pastore - better
known as "Big Pussy" from the hit HBO series,
.  From the left are the Precisions'  Al
Frazia,  former original members -Bob Falco,,
Michael Pellegrino,  and Rob Falco, and host,
Vincent Pastore.
* The Precisions graciously acknowledge John and the late, Shelley Broven for their approval in the use of the Golden Crest label and related graphics.
The Precisions above in action today from the top left:  Al Frazia;  former original members Michael Pellegrino and  Bob Falco and  on
bottom, Rob Falco
The Precisions
Golden Crest Records - 1962
The Linda Ronstadt Songbook

A special treat for audiences, and an example of the wide scope of the Precision's repertoire  is The Linda
Rondstadt Songbook.  The songs of this icon of pop music come alive through the artistry of Precision's vocalist,
Catherine Santaniello.   All the power - all the passion that ten time Grammy Award Winner,  Linda Maria
Rondstadt poured into each song shines through for audiences today.  The Precisions weave the tapestry of
Linda Rondstadt's  musical career  from the Stone Poneys, the Eagles to her masterful collaboration with Dolly
Parton and Emmylou Harris

The Linda Rondstadt Songbook is an exciting feature of Precision's live performances along with their rich
repertoire of the Best in Live" Vintage Rock."