Bob Falco -  Vocalist

Bob's musical roots begin in Queens, NY where he was a founding member of the an
early Doo-wop vocal group, the  Fabulairs, and was lead vocalist on their recording
Lonely Days, Lonely Nights. In Bob's neighborhood of Cambria Heights, four
young girls used to stop by an listen intently while the Fabulairs rehearsed their
material.  They were inspired by the Fabulairs tight harmony and vocal styling. A few
years later, Betty and Mary Weiss, and Mary Ann and Marge Ganzer applied the
harmonic styling they acquired from listening to the Fabulairs on their own first hit
(Remember) Walking in the Sand.  Thereafter, these sisters went on to
establish themselves in pop music history as one of America's most enduring girl
groups -
The Shangri Las
Rob Falco - Drums and Percussionist

One of the New York areas' foremost drummers, Rob's early inspirations include
legendary entertainers, Sam Cooke and Jackie Wilson along with the Stax Records
Memphis sound featuring drummer, Al Jackson, Jr.  Rob's rock-solid percussion style
is reminiscent of the Funk Brothers - Motown musicians with drummers, Benny "Papa
Zita" Benjamin and Richard "Pistol" Allen.

While Rob's musical career has largely been with the Precisions, he is a frequent
special performer with several bands in the Northeast.
Al Frazia - Bass guitarist and vocalist.  Al is also the Precision's
Music Director

Al has a wide ranging artistic background.  While  in his teens, he performed  in the
Naturals - a "garage" band originating from New York City  that was considered one
of the forerunners of the psychedelic sound  popularized in the late 1960's.    Al later
transitioned  to radio programming and production including performing on several
radio commercials.   Al was a Top 40 radio show host, and program director for XERF
Radio in Ciudad Lacuna, Mexico,  One of the fabled "pirate" radio stations, XERF's
broadcast signal was a mega 250KW - a powerful signal five times stronger than the
largest commercial U.S. Radio stations that was virtually heard around the world.  A
colleague of Al at  XERF was the late
Wolfman Jack, who went on to be a
well-known Los Angeles radio celebrity and host of the popular NBC TV music variety
Midnight Special.  Wolfman Jack also had a starring role in the motion picture,
American Graffiti

Returning to his musical roots, Al went on to perform with top bands including New
York-based: Stone Fever and Glass Sun.  Stone Fever was  house band at the
legendary  Camelot Inn, one of the early disco-era nightclubs located in the
working-class Brooklyn, NY neighborhood that later became an inspiration, and the
setting for the breakthrough motion picture
, Saturday Night Fever.  Al was also a
music arranger and provided accompaniment  for numerous popular rock artists who
headlined at the Camelot Inn including the Five Satins, the Tramps,  the Drifters,
Chuck Berry,  the Platters, Lee Andrews and the Hearts, the Angels, the Harp tones,
Chubby Checker among others.  

Al studied voice at the famed School of The Actor's Study in New York City.
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John Garbedian - Lead/rhythm guitarist and vocalist

John's musical roots began at age eight when he received  his first guitar.  At age 12,
John formed his first band: The Long Island Sound.  In high school, John performed
in the school jazz band.  He also was guitarist with several "garage bands" that
appeared at local venues.  Later in the 70's, John went on to perform at New York's
iconic live music club,  Max's Kansas City with Lynn Todd and Peroxide.  He later
went on to record and perform with Robert Ore and Fan the Flame - appearing at
various venues including CBGB in New York City.

Like most musicians, John has personal musical inspirations.  John has been
inspired  by the vocal harmony and musicianship of the Beatles.  Excellent choice!
Harold Miller - Keyboardist and vocalist

It began with half-hearted violin lessons in elementary school. Not surprisingly, young
Harold did not take to the violin and switched to classical piano where he found his
true musical calling. Eventually, Harold was performing at recitals with his proud Dad,
a lover of classical music, in the audience.  His classical training served as a solid
foundation for Harold as he ventured toward other music genres including jazz and
pop. Ultimately, Harold's first love was rock.

Harold's music inspirations are many:  The Beatles and the Rolling Stones lead the
way along with icons from R&B and Doo Wop including James Brown, Wilson Pickett,
and the Drifters.  He formed his first band in high school and has not looked back.  
He has since been a mainstay performer with several Long Island-based bands. His
early band, the Radical Five, shared the bill with Mitch Ryder and the Detroit
Wheels.  In recent years he has performed with Champagne, Cover-to-Cover, and a
contemporary iteration of the Fabulairs - the band, as noted above, in which
Precision's vocalist, Bob Falco was an original member